Tasks, the building block of what your tribe is able to do.

Placing a tribesperson on different parts of the map will set them to a task. You can also open the person's Details page, and set which tasks they should do from there.

Even exhausted, a person can work, if you keep dropping him or her on the task (e.g. drop him repeatedly on a unfinished hut to build it).

Your tribe can do the following:


Tribespeople can build various Buildings.

Only 4 persons can work on a building at the same time.


People can harvest fish in deep water, harvest wood from trees, and harvest rock from rocks.

Only one person is allowed to fish at one time (to avoid overfishing).

Only one person can work on a tree or a rock, but the whole tribe can harvest trees or rocks at the same time, if there are enough of them.

Sleep and EatEdit

Drop a person on a hut to make them sleep or the kitchen to make them eat. They will also feed themselves on their own, and take naps when tired.



Drop a tribesperson on the Science Station and they will earn Science points by researching.

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Science Point


Spend the science points you've earned by clicking the Science button on the right and selecting a technology (see Science).

Science Points

Calling the StorkEdit

Drop an adult tribesperson onto another adult of the opposite sex to encourage them to have children

.My Tribe - new baby

However, you have to have stork feathers in your inventory to signal the Stork.

These feathers can be collected around your island (one drops once a day at midnight PST) and also on the islands of your friends.

The amount of feathers you need each time rises with the population. It caps at a population of 30, the max population.

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Mysterious ObjectsEdit

Tribespeople can examine mysterious objects. Try dropping a variety of tribespeople on each mysterious object to receive hints.

Tribespeople with different skills, attributes, or past experiences give different results!