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There are 14 mysteries to be solved.


Each island contains 3 of them. If you are looking for an island with specific mysteries on it, see the Island page for help in choosing an island.

There are two kinds of mysteries: sand mysteries (they stand on the sandy area of the island) and grass mysteries (they stand on the grass/green area of the island). On every island, you will always find one grass mystery and one sand mystery. The third mystery can be either grass or sand.

If you don't know how to solve a mystery, you can buy hints with pearl(s): click on the mystery then on the "Get Hint" button on the left side of the screen. Or you can find the solutions and rewards for them below.



Grass Mystery



Required After Solving?

Children's MoaiEdit

Image 1433

  • Drop a total of 10 infants/babies on the statue

If the Moai is incomplete and you move to a new island, your progress will be saved and you can continue where you left off if the new island has a Moai on it.

The 10th baby and all future babies placed on it will get +5 Physical Strength and +5 Mental Strength.

Please note that with the upgrade of multiple islands, each island counts as a tribe. While trying to solve the mystery the Moai progress saves island to island and is not grouped together until after the mystery is solved.

Any tribesmen that were dropped on the Moai as babies retain the bonus permanently. As the Moai's bonus are genetic, their offspring will benefit too.


If you move to another island, your island must have the Moai on it if you want to keep giving the bonus to new babies.

Cloning ChamberEdit

Image 1165

  1. Click on the mystery, then the inspect button. This will fix the first cube on top. Now you need to sail to 3 different islands (belonging to 3 different neighbors) with the mystery to fix the 3 other cubes.
  2. Sail to a neighbor's island and inspect the chamber. Sail back to your island and click on the chamber to fix the second cube.
  3. Sail to another neighbor's island (not the same neighbor as step 2) and repeat. Sail back to your island and click on the chamber to fix the third cube.
  4. Sail to another neighbor's island (not the same neighbor as step 2 or 3) and repeat. Sail back to your island and click on the chamber to fix the fourth and last cube.

Note: It doesn't matter, whether your neighbors' mysteries are already solved or not.

(Release Date: 06 September 2010)

Anyone dropped on the mystery will be cloned: a baby will be created with the exact same genes.

Note: After the first clone, it requires stork feathers to clone another tribee (but 5% less feathers than calling the stork) (See Stork Feathers).

Note: The genes cloned are the original genes of the tribee, so it would be best to clone a member, who has been born via selective breeding and begins with higher stats. The clone will have the same original stats and hair colour, however, the hair style will often change.


Any island must have one for the effects of the mystery to work.

Cornucopia BushEdit

Image 800

  • Collect 20 Guano (if not already in inventory)
  • Drop a tribesman/woman with both 15 Agriculture skill and 15 Science skill.

Gives you several Unique Berry Seeds.


The seeds remain in your supplies permanently, without needing to be solved on new islands.

Ever TreeEdit

Image 1438

  • Drop a tribesman/woman with at least 70 physical strength on the stump - he/she will lift the stump and a sapling tree will appear.
  • During a rain storm, drop a tribesman/woman with at least level 15 agriculture skill on the sapling. It will then grow into a tree.

The tree can then be used to harvest wood from, but will never run out.


After solving, the Ever Tree will only be available on islands that have this mystery; cannot be planted.

Fountain of YouthEdit

Image 796

  • Drop a tribesman/woman with 20 science skill and whose "real" AND "feel" age is at least 65 years old. The FaceBook version has allowed tribe members to use the fountain once they are an adult.

Anyone placed on it, including the tribesman who solves it, will become young (of child-bearing age) and immortal.

Although the "real" age will continue to increase as normal, the "feels like" age will remain at 40. If you want, you can also moondust an immortal tribesman down to 18 years and they will not age.

From patch 0.1.78 onwards if you dip an immortal a second time, the effect is nullified and they will begin to age again.

It is required if you would like to dip someone in it to add/remove it's effects. But it's effects do not disappear without it on the island.

The Withered Tree / Friendship's BloomEdit

Image 785

  • Have a friend fertilize the withered tree. A leaf will appear on the first branch.
  • Drop a farmer with at least +3 skill in Agriculture. A flower will bloom on the same branch as the leaf.
  • Repeat 9 more times (the farmer needs 3 more skills in agriculture each time so at least 6, 9, 12, .., and finally 30).

Note: This requirement is MINIMUM required, A tribesman with 30 can do this on his own.

Note: the same friend can fertilize the tree several times (over several days, or if (s)he has multiple fertilizers).

(Release Date: 23 August 2010)

3 fertilizers per neighbor instead of 1.


These are shared between islands if a neighbor has multiple islands (not 3 fertilizers per island).


Wooden / Family StatueEdit

Image 1157

  • Drop a woman, who has exactly 1 child on the mystery to activate the first gem.
  • Then use a woman with exactly 2 children, and so on up to 5.

Note: It must be activated by 5 different women.

Note: When you drop a woman, the game tells you, whether she had too few babies ("such a large family"), too many babies ("such a small family"), or the right number. You can use this information to find out, which woman needs to call the stork again.

Note: When a new gem appears, try again all the women, who had too many children. They may have now the right number.

Note: If a woman has had more than 5 children, they will NOT active the 5th Gem.

(Release Date: 04 October 2010)

Next birth will be twins. Afterwards, you will get double the likehood of having twins.



Sand Mystery



Required After Solving?

Ancient StoneEdit

Image 801

  • Drop a tribesman with 15 Rock Gathering skill.
  • Drop a tribesman with 15 Science skill.

If using a single tribesman, who has both skills, he will need to be dropped on this mystery twice.

CAUTION: Do not solve this mystery if your Science Station cannot store all the points! You will lose any points that 'overflow'.

Science points depending on your current technology level.

No technology: 50,000 points
Technology level 1 : 100,000 points
Technology level 2 : 200,000 points
Technology level 3 : 400,000 points


This bonus is only awarded once at the time of solving it.

Celestial MoonstoneEdit

Image 1460

  • Use moondust on a tribesman
  • Drop the tribesman on the stone (Can use any tribesman you have EVER used moondust on)
  • Quickly drop 3-4 moondust on the stone to fill up the hole
MyTribe Mystery Moon Rock and Star Rock Solved

MyTribe Mystery Moon Rock and Star Rock Solved

Moondust will drop more frequently on the island.

The total bonus is the equivalent of one extra moondust every hour.


Bonus moondusts are labeled as such


This effect persists after moving to a new island

Celestial StarstoneEdit

Image 1458

  • Use stardust on a tribesman
  • Drop the tribesman on the stone (Can use any tribesman you have EVER used stardust on)
  • Quickly drop 3-4 stardust on the stone to fill up the hole

Stardust will drop more frequently on the island.

The total bonus is the equivalent of one extra stardust every 30 minutes.


Your bonus stardusts are labeled as such


This effect persists after moving to a new island.

Flotsam's CallEdit

Image 3285

  • Craft 4 of the decoration "Torch"
  • Place one torch in each hole in the base

Increased Crate Spawns.


Draws one additional Crate and Barrel to the island each hour. It also decreases the spawn time between Silver Crates and Silver Barrels by 10%. (Does not affect chests or silver chests.)


This effect persists after moving to a new island.

Iron Oxide MonolithEdit

Image 791

  • Drop one tribesman with both 15 Construction skill and 15 Science (It does need to be one tribesman, not two separate people).
Iron Oxide Monolith Solved My Tribe Mystery

Iron Oxide Monolith Solved My Tribe Mystery

Makes anything using tools go quicker.

(For example, a construction time of 5.57 sec. dropped to 5.00 sec.)


This effect persists after moving to a new island.

Jewel VaultEdit

Image 1889

  • Place a tribe member wearing a COMMON gem.
  • Place a tribe member wearing an UNCOMMON gem.
  • Place a tribe member wearing a RARE gem.
  • Place a tribe member wearing a SCARCE gem.

Note: One tribe member can complete multiple requirements.

All the gems you use will be permanently embedded in the Vault.

Warning: The jewel vault will lock onto the first gem it "sees" of the level it's looking for, and that is the only gem that will fit the slot, so check your clothing carefully before placing the tribe member. If you place one with a gem you don't want to lose and then say "no" to putting it in the slot, change the tribee's clothing to a different gem of the same rarity, and try again, the new gem won't fit -- you have to go back to the first gem that it wanted.

One time reward of Scarce Gems: 1 Knorringite, 1 Purple Diamond, 1 Orange Diamond, 1 Moonstone.

The ability to remove gems from clothing by drag/dropping a tribee on this mystery to put all current gems on clothing back into your supplies.


The presence of this mystery is required if you wish to remove gems from clothing.

The Crystal Pillar Edit

Image 1452

  • Activate the mystery with a stardust.
  • Drop a tribesperson (must be an adult, children or infants dont fill a crystal spot. Repeat 8 times using a unique hair colour every time.
  • Hair Colours are: Red, Strawberry Blonde, Blonde, Auburn, Light brown, Brown, Dark brown, Black, and Gray (the colour, the hair of tribespeople feeling 65 or more turns into).
  • Using the same colour twice will reset the mystery, and you will lose all the stardusts, you have used.
  • This may be done on multiple islands at the same time.

(Release Date: 20 September 2010)


Everyone, dropped on the stone, will have their hair style, hair color, and skin colour randomized. On male tribees, it can cause or reverse baldness, or give them a beard or remove it.

The Obelisk can only be used once a day per player (it is once, even when you have multiple islands with this mystery).


The genetic alterations are permanent, but you need this mystery on your island to alter new tribesperson. Any progress does transfer to other islands with this mystery.