Quests are a tutorial to how to accomplish a building Tribe

How to get to the QuestsEdit

Click the Quest tab on the left side of the game screen to view your current quests. When the Quest List is open, select a listed Quest Summary to view both the details and reward for the quest. Click the Back button to exit the Quest List.

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Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Reward
Move a tribesperson Recipe for: Science Station
Harvest some wood 10 XP
10 Wood
Harvest some fish 10 Fish
Level up a tribesperson Recipe for: Collared Blouse
1 Cotton
Craft a clothing item Recipe for: Grass Hut (Right)
Change a tribesperson's clothes 1 Wide Skirt
Harvest some rock 10 XP
10 Rock
Build a hut 1 Stork Feather
Have a child Recipe for: Farm
1 Straw Seed
Plant and tend a farm 1 Cotton Seed
Collect 5 shells Recipe for: Leaf Hut (Left)
5 Stardust
Use some stardust Recipe for: Leaf Hut (Right)
1 Carrot Seed
Harvest a crop Recipe for: Straw Hut (Left)
1 Green Dye
Dye a clothing item Recipe for: Straw Hut (Right)
Visit the Pearl Shop 10 XP
Visit a friend's island Recipe for: Hooded Sweater
Find a mushroom 2 Moondust
Use some moondust on a person 50 XP
Open a floating crate 2 Cotton
2 Straw
2 Stardust
Build a science station 100 Science Points
Research a new technology 50 XP
100 Science Points
Fertilize a friend's farm 1 Carnelian
Use a gem on a clothing item 1 Salmon Dye
Collect 3 bird guano 1 Lavender Dye
Develop a Tribal Elder 100 XP
Find a relic 50 XP
100 Science Points
Plant a new tree 1 Forest Dye
Grow your tribe to 12 1 Amethyst
Upgrade a building 100 XP
100 Science Points
Solve a mysterious object 200 XP
1 Jelly Opal
Build a shipyard 1000 Science Points
Construct a Great Ark 1 Aquamarine Dye
Sail to a new island 300 XP
1 Purple Diamond
Place a Wonder Base

50 XP
100 Wood
1 Stardust

Complete a Wonder

500 XP
Recipe for: Winged Herald