Events are important occurrences that happen time to time while playing My Tribe.

Some EventsEdit

These include:

Note: Events rotate on a timer. A full rotation lasts one hour. The time between events varies, depending on the number of mysteries solved. And will be between 72 seconds with no mysteries solved, and 65 seconds, with all mysteries solved.

As of patch 0.1.88 timers continue to progress whie you are offline, however items from before login will not spawn when you login If you leave the game with a subwindow open, then the silver item will be waiting for you when you return to normal view. (If you leave it in normal view, the silver item will only stay until the next similar item comes up and replaces it.)

The developers have stated "Based on community feedback we will be making improvements to how and when the Silver items, such as crates, appear" So this replacement will likely be changed in a future patch.

The Events Window
UpcomingEventsSilverItems 072010

Silver Items

Accessing the Current EventEdit

Events-Countdown1 Events-ClickNow-BtnOnly1

The Events button at the bottom left of your main My Tribe panel shows the countdown to the next Current Event at all times. This could be one of the most important controls on your screen! It allows you to quickly access valuable resources and to access the Upcoming Events panel so that you know when to expect various Events to occur. The button has two states - Countdown and Click Now!

Clicking the button while it displays the Countdown will allow you to access the Upcoming Events panel shown above.

Hovering your pointer over the button will provide a brief description of the next Event.


To access the Current Event, watch for the "Click Now!" message to appear on the Events button. You must act quickly! The button will return to the Countdown within seconds. When you click the button, your pointer will be centered on the object of the Current Event - a resource that can be gathered, a tribe member who can Level Up or a building that is finished being constructed. (See also Raw Resources , Leveling Up and Buildings. In addition, find a related Tip on the collection of mushrooms on the My Tribe Tips page.)

Detailed Event ScheduleEdit

As at July 2010, the sequence of events is as follows. The sequence will repeat every hour, but will restart from the beginning each time you return to your island (either by reloading the game or when returning from visiting friends).

Note: This is the sequence after solving both the stardust and moondust mysteries.

Note: This sequence is no longer correct. With the addition of Barrels the timer system has changed again.

Time Event
01:12 Mushroom
02:24 Crate
03:36 Treasure Chest
04:48 Stardust
06:00 Mushroom
07:12 Stardust
08:24 Crate
09:36 Mushroom
10:48 Stardust
12:00 Treasure Chest
13:12 Moondust
14:24 Stardust
15:36 Mushroom
16:48 Crate
18:00 Stardust
19:12 Mushroom
20:24 Treasure Chest
21:36 Crate
22:48 Stardust
24:00 Moondust
25:12 Stardust
26:24 Mushroom
27:36 Golden Relic
28:48 Stardust
30:00 Treasure Chest
31:12 Moondust
32:24 Mushroom
33:36 Crate
34:48 Stardust
36:00 Mushroom
37:12 Stardust
38:24 Crate
39:36 Treasure Chest
40:48 Mushroom
42:00 Stardust
43:12 Moondust
44:24 Stardust
45:36 Mushroom
46:48 Crate
48:00 Treasure Chest
49:12 Stardust
50:24 Mushroom
51:36 Crate
52:48 Stardust
54:00 Stardust
55:12 Moondust
56:24 Mushroom
57:36 Treasure Chest
58:48 Golden Relic
1:00:00 Stardust