Agriculture helps your tribe use renewable sources to create an infinite source of materials.

There are two types of Agricultural Constructs:

  • A Sapling - Allows you to grow trees to harvest wood

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  • A Farm - Allows you to plant seeds to grow berries, vegetables and raw materials

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You can plant many different crops and gain experience points for planting and harvesting them. Details for growing berry seeds can be found on the Seeds and Dyes page.

Fully mature crops will wilt, if not harvested in a certain amount of time (probably days) -- depends on how long it takes the crop to grow. I've had straw wilt in hours) regardless of if there are tribesmembers set to farm or not. This is a mechanic of the game itself. The only exception to this is if a particular plot has been fertilized by a friend. In this case, it will never wilt for that one instance. So don't wait too long to harvest your crops.

Name Amount Of Harvest XP for planting XP for harvesting Time to Grow Source What It Is Used For
Straw 1 1 1 4 minutes Quest Reward
(Have a child)
Making clothes, some buildings
Cotton 1 1 10 48 hours Quest Reward
(Plant and tend a farm)
Making clothes
Carrots 40 1 1 6 minutes Quest Reward
(Use some stardust)


Potatoes 200 1 1 30 minutes Crate